Music for Ambient Silence

There is a need to have sometimes some ambient inner silence to bridge, to let flow some inner restless psychotic motion, missing calm and a feeling of unsatisfaction..

Acid Pauli and Eva Kaczor created with „Psychodelic Breath“ some music expressions which can stimulate for a new way of meditation.. Beathing inner connections by music..
Maybe this all is nonsense and rubish.. but at least it is my current feeling and the path I would like to follow:

Is it a glass sphere this burning man thing or a kind of psychotic inspiration and social tranquilizer for the rich kids?

All of this might be a good question and there is also a good reason to ask this..
for me it was and it is a door, a backdoor to escape and go out of myself and do art and do things with inspirations what I should have done much earlier before and with much more consequence.
With this it is the opposite of a dream world but in fact it is an option not to try something but to live something and check it out..
With this I do not see this bm thing as a glass spere.. No not at all..

get inspired by the live.. try out yourself.. and do it..

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