Butoh Dance Alyssa

Blue Moon @ Ashes – Butoh Dance Performance by Alyssa – Exhibition in Schanzenviertel, Hamburg, Feb 2016

It is about a Butoh Dance Performance project in cooperation with the awesome thai-german Performance Artist Alyssa Warncke and myself as the Photographer Karlo Walz – Contre Jour Photography.
Self-Expression, Emotions, Energy, Fear, Joy, Bound and Unfold to Freedom is the subject of this Performance. It is more an inner struggle then the reflection of some geo-political curcumstances and changes.

Photography is Art in Action, Voyeurism and it is aösp Participation, Immediacy and Mirror of what happens. Making pictures is also impacting what is happening. To increase this situation I used a wide angle lense
and get very close (up to a handbreadth) to the artist while doing pictures which forces oneself to move in a similar way as the artist, forsee what she might do next and from an outer view this might look as a modern dance all together.

© Contre Jour aka Karlo Walz )°(